The Time is Now

Our Climate Change Commitment

Harrison Stringfellow are proving their commitment to the climate challenge through the following key actions:

2020 Carbon Review: We are benchmarking our projects against the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge to understand our office wide carbon impact this year.

“Getting our house in order”: We will be calculating our own carbon footprint, as a first step in knowing how to reduce and improve it!

Upskilling of our team: Katie joined our team this year and is training to be a certified Passive House Designer and learning how to design Zero Carbon Buildings. Mike is focused to become certified PAS2035 Designer to take on the biggest challenge of them all, the retrofit housing challenge!

Educating our clients: Whether it’s the operational cost benefits of triple glazing or Renewable Heat Incentives grants available, we help our clients make the right decisions to balance the project’s carbon and cost.

To quote Greta, “the time for empty words, loopholes and greenwash” has passed ”it is time to “act as if your house is on fire, because it is.”