The Park Palace is alive once more

Roll up! Roll up!

The Park Palace is alive once more

Last weekend saw The Park Palace open it’s doors to the public once more. Over two days, residents from both the local area and across Liverpool eagerly approached The Park Palace for a Christmas cinema showing.


Anticipation filled the reception, and after greetings and ticket collection, the doors were opened.  For most, this was their first opportunity to properly experience the space hidden behind a modest facade. For some, this was an opportunity to reminisce, share memories and nostalgic stories of the theatre.


The initial reaction of the visitors justifies why re-use of such spaces is so important.  The original ceiling and proscenium arch are still visible, a chorus of ‘wows’ and Christmas songs filled the space. Discussion from visitors has confirmed how keen people are to be a part of its future use.

Once guests had had chance to get a warm mug of hot chocolate or mulled wine from the gazebos, kindly borrowed from Granby Four Streets Market, they snuggled under blankets in their seats around the pop up screen and settled down for a showing of Miracle on 34th Street on Saturday, and Elf on Sunday.   Finally, the building was alive again with an active audience providing the sound of laughter and gasps, a nod to the building’s original intent in 1893.

Raising awareness and profile of the building and the Park Palace Ponies project was the fundamental reason for the event, and involvement with the local community has always been considered essential to the success of the scheme.



Questions have already been asked as to when the next showing will occur, with ideas bouncing around from visitors, HSA and Park Palace Ponies about other potential activities that could activate and utilise the building before the opening of the pony riding centre in spring.

Watch this space!